One Step at a Time

The company has evolved from modest origins to an operation with a meaningful impact.

This page showcases the progress our innovative renewable energy company has made since its inception, reflecting our commitment to developing eco-friendly products that contribute to a cleaner and greener future. The content highlights our diverse range of solutions, demonstrating the effectiveness of our collaborative approach and the value of cutting-edge biotechnology in addressing today's environmental challenges.

The EasyBiogas Biodigester

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Product Specs

  • System volume: 4m3
  • Digester tank volume: 4000 ℓ
  • Dimensions Assemble: 6000x 1100 x 1500(cm, L x W x H)
  • Gas pipe max length up: 14m
  • Daily cooking time (Double flame burner open): up to 6 hours
  • Daily kitchen waste input*: up to 20ℓ
  • Daily animal manure input**: up to 20ℓ (45ℓ slurry)
  • Weekly fertilizer output: up to 140ℓ
  • Operating temperature: 20°C/68 F

Compressed Biogas/BioCNG

Biobhotec is also working in partnership with an Indian firm called Hycons Bioenergy [Pvt] Ltd (the "Hycons"). The combined goal of Biobhotec and Hycons is to provide Bio CNG or compressed biogas (CBG) packaged in gas cylinders. Compressed biogas (CBG) or BioCNG is biogas that has been cleaned, compressed and stored in a cylinders for use as fuel. The raw biogas is upgraded to vehicle-quality fuel and compressed into a series of CNG cylinders. The upgraded biogas is compressed to 20.0 MPa pressure and stored in a series of CNG cylinders. It is an environmentally friendly, clean, cheap, and versatile fuel that aids in waste management and the development of a sustainable environment. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector by 60% to 80% when compared to fossil-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel. Clean, compressed, and bottled biogas can also be used for cooking and heating.